The ENERGY STAR program covers a wide range of products, from simple scanners to complete desktop home computer systems. Manufacturers themselves can choose where to put the logo, so this may differ from product to product and manufacturer to manufacturer.



Protected use

ENERGY STAR is a service mark and owned by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA). The U.S. EPA, as owner of the ENERGY STAR marks, has registered the marks in the European Community as Community Trade Marks.
As such, the name and logo may only be used in accordance with specific guidelines and the Partnership Agreement or the European Commission Registration Form signed by Program Participants in the ENERGY STAR labelling program.

The ENERGY STAR Program is a partnership between businesses and organisations on one side and the US Federal government or the European Community on the other side. As part of this partnership, businesses and organisations can use the ENERGY STAR name and Common logo, as part of their energy efficiency and environmental activities.
Organisations must enter into an agreement with a management entity – the Environmental Protection Agency for the US or the European Commission for the EU– to use the marks as provided in this document. Alterations to these marks are not allowed.

U.S. EPA, and the European Commission, in the European Community Member States Territory oversee proper use of the ENERGY STAR name and logo. This includes monitoring the use of the marks in the marketplace, and directly contacting those organisations that are using them improperly or without authorisation. Consequences of misusing the marks may include the termination of the Program Participant’s participation in the ENERGY STAR labelling program, and, for products imported into the U.S. improperly using the marks, the possible seizure by the U.S. Customs Services of those goods.


ENERGY STAR Identity Guidelines

Full guidelines on the use of the ENERGY STAR mark and logo can be read in the Annexes A and B of the Agreement (PDF, 1 MB).
These guidelines are also available in other languages on the EUR-Lex website .


To access high resolution versions of the ENERGY STAR logos, please contact . Your request will be addressed within 1-3 business days. See also the US EPA website about the logos New window.


Whether you are labeling a product that has earned the ENERGY STAR, designing a new outreach campaign, or communicating your organisation's commitment to energy efficieny, this book is designed to help you make the most of your ENERGY STAR participation. The ENERGY STAR Brand Book provides logo use guidelines and describes the implementation of a strong and distinctive identity for ENERGY STAR.

Detailed brand guidelines from the US EPA can be found here:

Labeling requirements for the EU market

Displaying the ENERGY STAR label is not required for the EU market. However, if the mark is used, it must comply with ENERGY STAR guidelines.

See the US EPA Labeling Requirements for ENERGY STAR Qualified Office Equipment by Country/Region .


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