Base de données (en anglais)

EU ENERGY STAR qualified office equipment

EU database description

This database contains only products that are available in the EU. It is based on the US EPA database (for products available in the EU) plus products that are directly registered with the EU, managed by the European Commission. For (legal) disputes the lists of qualified products downloadable from this website (for the EC) and from (for the US) are applicable. The database is intended to make the registered products more accessible.
The database shows energy consumption and main performance data as supplied by the manufacturers. Pictures (100 x 100 pixels) and brand-specific websites -if available- for the most recent models of ENERGY STAR qualified equipment are added.

How To Use


Please note that the parameter "screen size" refers to viewable screen size for LCD monitors. For CRT-monitors it refers to the full (tube) screen size. The viewable screen size of CRT monitors is around 6-8% less than full screen size.